Language Rules

Language List

Language Group

     Language                         Alphabet             Dialects



     Common                                         Classical              -                              

     Camp-speak                                   none                      -


     Nordic                                             Nord Runes        Various tribal dialects

     Southron                                         Mazdak                Southron Proper, tribal dialects

     Hepmona                                        Pictographs         Various tribal dialects

     Kuvak                                              Pictographs         Various tribal dialects

     Quan                                                Mazdak                Quan, Imperial Quan


     Elvish                                               Elvish                    Qualiinos, Sylvanos, Kaganos, Nurinos


     Dwarvish                                        Dethek Runes     Dethek, Duren, Gnom


     Goblinoid                                       Classical              Bokob, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Ùruk


     Lissz                                                 Draconic              Lissz, Lissz’t, Lugdug


     Orgov                                               Classical              Orgov, Trol


     Jotun                                                 Nord Runes        Species dialects


     Draconian                                      Draconic              Species dialects


     Demonic                                          Enochian             Many corruptions

     Diabolic                                           Enochian             Nine dialects

     Uriel                                                 Enochian             -

     Modron                                           Mechanus            -


     Oghma                                             Oghma                  -

     Classical                                         Classical              Calssical, Vulgate

     Seul                                                   Heiroglyphs        -


Characters begin knowing how to speak Common and their native language plus any bonus languages granted by a high intelligence score.  Characters whose intelligence score is a primary attribute gain a new language at every level divisible by four.  For characters whose intelligence is a secondary attribute gain a new language for every level divisible by five.  For bards these numbers improve by one (every level divisible by three or four depending on the intelligence attribute). Druids begin with the language Oghma as their native language regardless of race.



Bards, Clerics, Wizards and Druids all begin able to read and write any language they can speak (providing there is a written form) as do Thieves whose intelligence is a prime attribute.  All others can chose to be literate in one alphabet by using a language slot (it must be an alphabet of a language the character can speak).   This can be done at character creation.  Illiterate characters are functionally illiterate unless their intelligence score is below three.

Language Rules

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