A Fistful of Gold Pieces

September 4th

When last we left our intrepid band of idiots adventurers Year 72 AWD had just ended and Year 73 just begun. Four months pass by relatively uneventfully. The thorpe of Cockermouth grows to the size of a hamlet with an influx of new settlers; mostly the women and children of the human laborers, but also a few dozen dwarves, five more gnome families, a few more trappers and woodsmen, a couple more acolytes to help at the temple and a family of elves from the Twilight Wood. Construction was at a bit of a standstill during the winter months as the weather was most cold and snowy, but many craft projects and interior designs were completed and mining and smelting continued unabated.

There was a problem with wolves in the dead of winter that was easily dealt with by the Ranger and the Druid. Lord Septimus stayed in town on three occasions as he went on his travels. Xantas passed through on his way East but did not stay nor has he yet returned. Also in midwinter a disease ran rampant through Cockermouth but it was quickly supressed by the Clerics of the new temple.

The tournaments for the Midsummer/ Wedding celebrations were announced: The Joust (the main event as it were), footlists, archery, wrestling, a horse race, a bardic competition, and two formal balls were also announced. Prizes for the competitions were listed and were particularly generous, especially the horse race and the joust.

A plot by the Archbaron of Kayonmar against the King of Gaxmoor was reported, but no proof was forthcoming and the report vigorously denied as rumor.

Several reports of Drow near the Twilight Woods also went unproven, though the Baron of Glenmorrow swears that he and some of his men killed several.

Other than these things, life was pretty quiet in Cockermouth: a few monster slayings, a few investigations, study, practice and our heroes gain 22,000 XP. Now that spring has sprung and the last of the snows have gone the party turns its attentions to the coming alliance of two kingdoms and the events, intrigues and plots sure to come…



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