A Fistful of Gold Pieces


Chapter Two: The Tower of Kuthrad Ondal

Session Three : 3/28/2009 : The party rests and recuperates in Malforten while waiting for Gurgle to conclude his business with the Sage. Just as they prepare to leave they are flagged down by a ranger from Briarveldt who hires them on behalf of the Great Druid of the Sacred Grove of Briarveldt. They accept the two-part assignment of discovering the location of the next Tower of Kuthrad Balon and the discovery and return of the Chronicle of Meiliki if it still resides there. A foray into the Dunderry Swamp led the party into a conflict with the lizard folk inhabitants; after a brief struggle they drove them off and found the ruins of the tower. They met the guardian of the ruins, Nefrat-Al, a lammasu, who let them pass without struggle. The party quickly found a hidden passage and passed into some crypts and were set upon by ghouls. They dispatched the ghouls but were injured enough to retreat topside where they were offered shelter by Nefret-Al.

Session four: The Chronicle of Meiliki

Adventure Log

Until 2010 most of this is anecdotal.

Chapter One: Welcome to Malforten

Session One : 2/28/2009 : The start of a new chapter. The Gnoll bandit Gritznak and his goblins are plaguing the town and the heroes need to sort it out. They hear talk of a traitor, explore the environment meeting some of the inhabitants as well as the Sage Blodwyn.

Session Two : 3/7/2009 : The party continues to explore the area, finding a faerie mound and meeting their ‘queen’. The party finds the lair of the bandits. Instead of just a bandit they find an undead cleric trying to rise from the grave and spread his evil ways. He is quickly sent back to hell. During the exploration of the temple several magic items are discovered including the mace of the undead cleric which is tainted with evil.


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