Greenstone of Briarveldt

Green Stone set in a polished briar setting


Greenstone of Briarveldt   Oval green stone, made of dark green malachite, striated with gold approximately one inch wide and two inches long set into a briarwood amulet, created by the Druids of Briarveldt and carried by the Travelers of Briarveldt and their allies.  The stones have magical effects; some change as the wearer gains levels.   ·        Attune themselves to their owner and will not function for anyone else once it is worn for more than one day.

·        Provides a +2 to all saving throws vs. natural animal and plant toxins.

·        Upon mental command stone shines forth a green light that illuminates at ½ torchlight, produces no heat, and does not spoil dusk, dark or twilight vision.

·        Upon command will glow if another stone is within a mile radius, the intensity of the glow increases as the distance decreases.

  Level dependent effects:   ·        At 3rd, 6th, and 9th levels the poison save bonus increases to +3, +4, and +5 respectively.

·        At 3rd level the stone enables the user to identify edible plants.

·        At 4th level the stone enables the user to identify potable water.

·        At 5th level the owner of the stone can sense it’s presence in a 1 mile radius should he become separated from it.

·        At 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th levels this distance increases to 10 miles, 100 miles, 1000 miles and same plane of existence respectively.

·        At 7th level the owner can summon his stone to him from up to 10’ away by means of telekinesis.

·        At 8th and 9th level this ability increases to 100’ and line of sight respectively.

·        At 10th level the stone heals the owner at a rate of 1hp for each hour spent in direct sunlight with the stone over the wound.

·        At levels 12, 14, 16 and 18 this benefit increases to 2, 3, 4 and 5 hit points an hour respectively.

·        At 15th level the owner gainsl+ 3 magic resistance that stacks with any other magic resistance the user may have.

·        At 20th level this increases to +5.


Given to the PCs by the Great Druid of Briarveldt as a gift for their service in retreiving the Chronicle of Meiliki.

Nice thing about this critter is that it grows in power with the character.

Greenstone of Briarveldt

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