A Fistful of Gold Pieces

The Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet

The Party: You guys.
• Serve King Æric of Anglaymay.
• Have met Minions of a Shadow Wizard before.
• Other enemies include: Drow, Gilded Palm Assassins, The Demon Thog, Servants of Unklar, Ysingrim the Giant, and various humanoid tribes.
• Allies Include: Nefra-Tal the Lamassu, The Great Druid and the Travelers of Briarveldt, King Æric of Anglaymay, Blodwyn the Sage, The Grey Elves, Nazir the Djin, Muldam the Artificer, The High Epopt of the Twilight Lords, Xantas the Wizard Hunter, Hessia of the Fey.

King Æric of Anglaymay: A knight, and skilled leader of men, Honest, Direct, Youthful.
• King of the Commonwealth of Anglaymay founded 11 years ago building on the unifying efforts of his Father.
• His older brother Halfdan was an opponent until recently.
• Engaged to wed Ivoryn of Gaxmoor; Gaxmoor is to unite under the Commonwealth’s banner and the new alliance will nearly double the size of Anglaymay and will aid the struggling Baronies of Gaxmoor.
• Has good relations with most of the neighboring lands, especially the See of Avignon and the Lands of the Great Druid.
• Internally the most trouble he has is with the Count of Cäerwyn.
• The Baroness of Shadizar and the Archbaron of Ceinmar have publicly opposed the Alliance.
• Some in the Burning Lands oppose his westward expansion.

King Ludwig of Gaxmoor: A Politician, now old and somewhat senile, at times still very shrewd.
• King of Gaxmoor, a loose confederation of Baronies founded 72 years ago after the fall of Unklar.
• Father of Princess Ivoryn and architect of their betrothal and the new alliance.
• Has poor diplomatic relations with Maine but excellent with Kleaves.
• Internally the Archbaron of Ceinmar believes the old man should allow him to marry Ivoryn and abdicate in favor of his house (to which Ivoryn has mentioned something about flying pigs).

Lord Septimus: King Æric’s spymaster (and old adventuring companion), crafty, smart and not afraid to get his hands dirty.
• Contact for the Party.
• Seems to have the King’s best interests at heart.
• Also seems to try and take care of every problem that shows up.

Princess Ivoryn of Gaxmoor: King Æric’s intended. A cleric of the Twilight Lords, Young, intelligent, somewhat manipulative, compassionate and kind.
• Been running things at court more and more as her father has grown more senile.
• Seems genuine but definitely takes her responsibilities seriously.
• Is seen more as a tool to or an obstacle to power by the Barons of Gaxmoor.
• Thinks the alliance will help both peoples.

Archbaron Kasmir Ceinmar: King Ludwig’s most vocal opponent. Stubborn, middle-aged, calculating, proud, capable.
• Somewhat power-hungry. Believes that the king should marry Ivoryn off to him and let him take over the kingdom, not turn it over to the boy King of Anglaymay.
• Seems willing to secede if the Alliance goes through.
• Very good relations with Maine, does much to poison the King’s relations with Maine’s ruler.
• Has built up his army and made it known that he will not join the Commonwealth.

Baroness Lydia Shadizar: “That Woman”. Manipulative, middle-aged but still attractive, somewhat decadent,
• Rumored to be of common blood.
• Rumors persist that she had something to do with the old baron’s death.
• She opposes the alliance, thinking she would have been a better match for Æric.
• Has Traville enthralled with her.
• Many believe she is using Traville for something.

Baron Gunther Traville: Big bear of a fighting man. A ranger. Well into middle-age, bearded, burly, good-natured, robust.
• Has a sensitive side, as seen in his love letters to the Baroness Shadizar.
• Supports the alliance as it will increase his financial position.
• Opposes the Archbaron who he sees as his chief rival.

Shadow Wizard: More accurately a Shadow Illusionist.
• Evil wizard bent on recovering the Shadowstaff, currently employed by someone in Gaxmoor.
• Employs Belerius in some capacity.

Belerius: Young, supposedly dead thief. One-time partner of Jade.
• Employed in some manner by the Shadow Wizard.
• Gives occasional cryptic warnings to Jade based on their former relationship.
• His actual motives are unknown.

Baron Lucian Dactus: Older man, a priest of the Twilight Lords.
• Supporter of the alliance.
• Pious and honest.

Baron Cedric Grenmar: Conservative nobleman. Middle-aged, slim, political.
• Feels distrust towards the Baroness of Shadizar and dislikes that a commoner could rise to nobility.
• Is satisfied the Alliance will improve his position, is hesitant about the change but does not openly oppose it due to the gains he will experience.

Baron Ardman Camedon: Young, brash, inexperienced but enthusiastic.
• Enthusiastically supports the Alliance as a needed change.
• Has many risky and new ideas for his people.
• Often acts without thinking things through.

Baron Gorborath Doorhammer of Stonereach: A stereotypical dwarf.
• Leads a large dwarven community along with the rest of his realm.
• Somewhat distrusted by the others but supports the King in all matters.
• Will gain greatly by increased Trade.

King Gaffigan IV of Maine: Pasty, white, emaciated looking man. Politically savvy, growing old.
• Encourages the Archbaron in hopes of gaining more land at the expense of Gaxmoor.
• Large exporter of arms, armor and merecenaries.



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