A Fistful of Gold Pieces

August 21st

As the Warders of Cockermouth enter the Silver Gates they (unknowingly) enter the Wall of Worlds. Once they pass through the turns of a cavern they stand on a rise overlooking a valley. Beyond the valley are a range of mountains and over the mountains is a bright shaft of blue/white light reaching towards the heavens. They also note that the sky is starlit, this is odd because one: they suppose themselves to be inside a volcano, and two: Airhde is currently in perpetual sunlight due to some disturbance.

Below in the valley they note a thick cloying green mist. When they journey into the mist they find they cannot breath. The party tries several things and weighs their options when Sir Lando is urged to see if the Iergeld artifact can affect the mist. It does not but does summon a denizen of the plane who hears the Iergelds call.

The Black Dragon attacks from the mist but it is spotted by Jade who is looking into the mist with a gem of seeing who also notes that the beast is touching the side of the canyon as it flies. The party is heavily damaged by the fight with the dragon but they do manage to defeat it. Afterward they journey down into the canyon touching a vein of gold as they travel that allows them to breath in the mist.

Then, after a rest, the Warders move to a rise where they see strange iridescent orbs approaching them coming down the hill. They manage to destroy the orbs before they come in contact with them.

At the top of the ridge the party encounters a cave mouth. Inside the cave they spot and are spotted by a gigantic demon-creature. After communicating with the creature they find it is actually a Deva being punished by being given a demon’s form for cowardice in facing death and can let no mrtal pass else the curse will be permanent and unbreakable. Shaloub with help from Gurgle manage to convince the creature that the only way to free itself from the curse is to let the cursed body die so that the Deva soul may pass and thus learn it’s lesson. Shaloub slays the beast and the Deva is restored.

Then the party passes into a treasure room wherein stands a sword in a pile of coins. Undoing his previous wisdom,Shaloub snatches the sword and causes a constructed beast of Coins to rise and attack. Aziza manages to stun it for a round with a dispel magic but it attacks and after a struggle the Warders are victorious.

They rest on the plain outside of the treasure room and encounter a fire elemental who tells them of a new structure recently built within the Wall of Worlds and it is the very one the party has been seeking as evidenced by the shaft of light springing from it.

They journey forth to the structure and open the door with magic, the wild magic affect Gurgle by shrinking him to half his (already short) height. Inside they find the shaft of light with a figure inside. They also discover a wild-eyed man operating the controls of a giant magically driven machine. He hailed them as they entered and bade them help him with his project to overthrow the gods assuming they had come to do just that. Our heroes, however, had other ideas. As they approached the man who identified himself as Lo-kor, Zamfir hits an incorrect switch on the bizarre machine and is rendered invisible, which Lo-kor writes off to “total protonic reversal”.

Now the invisible Zamfir begins to move around the room towards Lo-kor while Gurgle and Shaloub do the same. Shaloub is made immaterial by some odd action of the machine and he passes into the shaft of light and speaks with Ea-Vette (the moon goddess). She helps to lower the wall of force around Lo-kor and Zamfir moved into position to slay him.

Upon plunging his sword through Lo-kor’s chest via his back Lo-kor was slain. Then Lando produced the artifact and put it in the machine and turned the handle. Then all sorts of horrible things happened and the party escaped just as the entire building imploded in on itself.

The party returned home.



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